Jim Brofft


With a clientele that's a veritable who's who in art, business and philanthropy, Jim Brofft is one of the top hairstylists in Greater Cincinnati. Starting his career at Tower Place’s Paragon and then moving at the Saks Fifth Avenue Salon, Jim made a name for himself as downtown's master cutter and colorist. Bringing out the very best in each client garnered him a following large enough to strike out on his own. In 2009 he opened Jim Brofft Salon Central in the landmark American Building. It became an anchor in the OTR renaissance, and grew at such a pace that he continued to add new stylists, and hours of operation, to keep up with demand. 

Brofft personally trains each stylist, bringing them in as an apprentice and refining their skills until they are ready to take on their own clients. This has built an influential aesthetic at Salon Central, a high level of expertise, and a unparalleled quality of service. Jim has continued his own training at seminars in Vienna, Prague, London, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

In his two minutes of spare time, Jim enjoys rehabbing his historic Bellevue house and walking his two dogs Zeke and Bebe.

“We are experienced in giving cutting-edge styles, but our first priority is to find out what works for the features and lifestyle of the client.”



abigail simons-peterson


A native of Downtown Cincinnati, and now a Hyde Park resident, Abigail knew she wanted to be a professional hairdresser from 7thgrade onward. “I was artsy, and it was all I could see myself doing,” she says. She graduated from the prestigious Aveda Fredric's Institute in West Chester and was soon hired by a salon where she got real-life experience. She moved up to Jim Brofft Salon Central in 2019, where she says the “all for one and one for all” atmosphere among supportive colleagues helps her continue to grow. She is energized each day on the job: “I like how a simple retouch or a new hairstyle will change a client's whole demeanor.”


Stephanie Heck.jpg

Stephanie Heck


With a head for business to match her artistry and skills as a stylist, Stephanie Heck worked her way up to stylist and co-manager after joining Jim Brofft Salon Central in 2014. She loves a challenge, whether it's to create the perfect special-occasion hairstyle or to bring luster back to damaged hair. She has become a specialist in “blonding” through foils, balayage, and fashion colors. A blonde herself, she excels at achieving the right tone for the many shades of blond on the spectrum—whether the client's natural color is gray, black or red! Stephanie is an honors graduate of Paul Mitchell The School, and lives in Northern Kentucky with her ridiculously hunky husband and adorbz daughters, Amelia Rose and Hayden Angela. When not at work, she enjoys reading, running, and being with family and friends.


I never know what's going to happen in my chair each day at the salon. It keeps the job fresh and makes me want to bring my A game.”


Alisha Zimmerman


One of the youngest stylists in the nation (seriously!) Alisha Zimmerman knew she wanted to be in the hiar business before she was a teenager. She enrolled in a vocational high school that provided hairstyling training, which resulted in her obtaining her license while a senior in high school. Alisha braved four interviews with Jim Brofft Salon Central in 2017, culminating with her demonstrating her ace skills on her favorite client: her mother. (She has been styling her mom's hair since she was 10 years old.) Don't let her age fool you; this young woman is a pro. (And a capricorn, obvi.) Her nimble mind quickly grasped the training during her apprenticeship with taskmaster Jim, and she has already started building her own clientele. Her enthusiasm for working in the city's top salon at such a young age is catching!


I enjoy updating styles from the past, like the bob. Everything comes around again, but with a new twist.”


Kayla Parker

Level 2 Stylist




Jim Brofft Salon Central scored a major coup by hiring Billie after she had reigned for many years as a top stylist in Mt. Adams and Clifton. In the 1970s, Billie had intended to go to university after a stint in hair school, but she loved the profession so much she dove into it and never looked back. Her career took her from giving clients Farrah Fawcett curls and Dorothy Hammil bobs in the in the '70s to asymmetric 'dos in the 80s and “The Rachel” in the 90s. “The popular styles actually don't really change that much over the years,” she muses. “Just the names do.” Billie felt at home right away at Jim Brofft Salon Central, where the energy of downtown and its power people keep the salon atmosphere exciting. An avid reader, Billie can often be overheard discussing novels and authors with her clients.